Counter Sketch Studio

Counter Sketch Studio – helping turn YOUR vision into a reality!

Counter SketchHere’s how it works:

Step  1 – Search

Working alongside with a Studio 2015 Sales Associate, you are guided through the latest collection of over 1,200 ring prototypes – from timeless styles to the freshest bridal looks.  Find something you like and start your design!

Step 2 – Customize

Once you’ve selected the basic design, it’s time to further personalize your piece!  Do you want more diamonds, less diamonds, a wider shank, or maybe something else? 

Talk through your vision and our team will help you customize your piece right in front of your eyes on a screen in full 3D!  You can make subtle changes or even add completely new elements to turn the design from something you like into something you love!

Step 3 – Order

At any point during the process, our sales associate can quickly pull up the diamond and gemstone details, as well as provide an estimate of the jewelry based on total metal weight.  You also have the option to compare different metal quality prices to ensure that the piece is not only something you love, but also something that fits into your budget.

Once you are happy with your design, the order is placed!

Excited?  We thought so!

Contact us to set up an appointment or stop in the store anytime to see Counter Sketch Studio for yourself!