Custom Pendants

"Custom" - made or done to order for a particular customer -

Along with bringing you unique pendants from designers and artists from across the country, we offer truly one of a kind works of art created just for you.  Whether it's repurposing gems from heirlooms you inherit, reworking jewelry you have grown out of fancy with, or bringing a new idea from inception to reality, we cater to making the truly meaningful and unique come to life.  Browse our collection of pendants we have created for others that capture their essence.  Gain inspiration and ideas to give you the piece of mind to express yourself and design your very own work of art.  We have created pendants using hundreds of unique and meaningful representations of our clients intentions of love, friendship, family, commitment, and just pure creative energy.  

Here are some examples of symbols used to convey what you wish to share with your someone special or the entire world:

Tattoos, Family Crest/Seal, Finger/Hand/Foot Prints, Photos, Design Elements (Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, Asian, Coastal, Country, Eclectic, Modern, French, Tribal, Contemporary, F.L.W, etc), Initials/Monograms, Sports, Careers, Nature, Destinations, Animals, Children, Pets, Cars, Astrology, and Many more...

For an intimate viewing of the Studio 2015 Collection, that comes from touching and seeing a pendant in person, come visit us to have an associate showcase the collection for you. Schedule an appointment or simply stop by during business hours.